Sunday, 17 November 2013

iPhone 5 PIN password bypass security

The other day I have somehow managed to set a wrong PIN pass code on my iPhone 5 (with 7.0.3 update) and I have totally locked myself out. Yes, I've managed to typed wrong PIN code twice when setting it up! /facepalm. Make it worse, I haven't backed up my phone for 5 months... and I am all locked out and cannot do backup without bypassing the lock screen. GREAT! not :P

So I have been spending my time on trying out my password for the whole day and finally the phone is completly locked up :(. "Your iPhone now is disabled"

The mission has started, so I've been looking on Google for the whole morning and finally found an option, yes "only 1 option" that I can recover/restore my iPhone!

1) Restore the iPhone back to Factory settings and then transfer the backup files you previously backed up to your PC via iTunes or from iCloud. 

This option it's not really recover and takes you back where it was before you locked out. It is a step for last resort, as this option will wipes all your files, settings, apps and photos.

HOWEVER, I have found an option that you could try before you take the option! The downside of this option will depends on time and luck!

2) This is my option which I have found this out myself. The apple geeks would advise you just to use "Option 1" when you have lost your PIN password. Obviously is not true! So here's how:

  • Connect the iPhone to your PC/Apple Mac

  •  Open up iTunes and go to iPhone section.

  • and click "Sync". This should then remove the iPhone is disabled for x time. 
  • Now you can try as many times as you want until you got that right PIN to access your iPhone. *Remember* to take note what PIN numbers you have tried and avoid wasting your time again to use the same PIN number.
  • When it's locked up after several tries, just use the "Sync" button to unlock it! 
  • Once you have gained access to your phone, I would suggest you quickly write down the PIN number, so you can use it to change your new PIN when you setting a new one.
Final thought
It may sound as simple as that and I know there are 9999 of codes, but if you do have important data in the phone and do not want to loose them, then I think this is the best option to take on. 

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