Friday, 13 December 2013

Windows 7/8 - Disable or reset offline sychonisation

Your problems could be one of the reason from the following:

  • Sync status bar, stays on "Syncing" and never complete
  • Access is denied when tries to sync


The causes could be:

  • Permission errors on server/client side
  • Sync center software stopped functioning properly
  • Caches corrupt


I am Highly Suggest you to do a backup or a restore point for your system!


There are two options to do this:


First Option: Reset Sync database files via Regedit:

Check your current operating system architecture, x86 or x64 bit.

Start -> type regedit to open Registry editor.

Navigate to the following location in the registry: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Csc\Parameters".

Create a new DWORDValue for x86/32-bit or QWORD 64-bit operating system you have, and called it "FormatDatabase".

NOTE: Failed to choose the right WORD Value will corrupt your operating system and it will not boot!


Right click FormatDatabase, Modify and change the Value data to "1".

To complete this step, just reboot your operating system and the Sync service will be reset. You will have to re-map and re-sync all your files from the server.

Second Option: Removing offline files and Sync partnership manually :


  • Go to "Control Panel".
  • Find Sync Center and open it.
  • Click "Manage offline files" and you will get a pop up window called "Offline Files".
  • Now click on "Disable offline files".


  • Restart the computer
  • Once computer its back on, log back in and go to  "C:\Windows\CSC" and change some permission as the folder won't allow you to access or modify, if you don't take over the ownership of the folder so to do this:

  • Right click the CSC folder, check propertise
  • Click on "Security" tab
  • Click on "Advanced"
  • Find "Owner" and click on Edit
  • Add your name to the permission list
  • Put a check mark on "Replace


  • Click OK.
  • Now you should be able to access the CSC folder. 
  • Delete the server folder that you want to remove the sync partnership
  • After you've done that, reboot the computer
  • After reboot, log back in to the computer and make sure the permission level of "inheritable permissions from this object’s parent" in "C:\Windows\CSC\v2.0.6\" folder are checked, if not do it and then reboot the computer again.
Update 17/1/2014:
Found out there is a way to synchronize however it's a manual way and I would only suggest to use this if you are in a emergency. But this step is definilty worked for me on most Windows PC's that are having problem with auto sync.

Go to the network drive, select the files or all the files and right click them, Sync, Sync Selected Offline Files.

This will then start syncing, even though on Sync Center the status bar saying "Sync Pending"! I can confirmed this and it's lying to you! To make sure that it is syncing, you can either open up your task manager look at the network traffic or go Sync Center, Manage offline files, Disk Usage tab, and you can see the All offline file spaces it took on your hard disk drive, close it and re-open to recheck the spaces as it increased.
Finally the offline files should now be working again and the sync partnership is removed completely.

Last Resort: If the above steps does not solved the problem, I would suggest you backup everything in the computer e.g. data files, settings, programs and then format the operating system.

Judging from my searches online I think a fair share of other folks are having this same problem.

This seems like a quite serious bug and should be fixed.

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