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How to reflash your bricked Moto G and gain root access (SuperSU)

The tutorial teaches you how to reformat and gain root access on your Moto G Android jellybean 4.4.2 Stock.

The reason you are looking at this because you have tried to flash your phone with a custom firmware and did not gone so well, like mine did. The boot up screen (Custom firmware's boot up screen, not the bootloader) is stuck, never progressed over to the actual Android interface and you want to revert back to factory firmware but you did not backup your phone before flashing your phone!

Yes that is totally me in that situation! So don't worry if you are here as I will revive your broken phone!

I assuming you have already unlocked your bootloader and have the right android drivers installed on your computer to detect your Moto G (ADB interface).

If not see the following:

Get ADB (if you don't already have this, I suggest downloading and installing Minimal ADB and Fastboot by shimp208:


Download the following images and files:

List of Moto G Stock firmwares - Pick the correct one stock image, as for me I have bought my phone from Tesco UK so I have choosen "Android 4.4.2 Blur_Version.174.44.9.falcon_umts.TescoSL.en.GB" with a Android 4.4.2.

Modified recovery root r1 - (ROMraid) - MD5: 7b7ad899480ab5a1b6b00e128256e136

Restoring your phone to factory image

1) Reboot the phone into bootloader mode. There are 2 ways to do this.I) The 'hardware' way.
a) Unplug the USB cable and power off the phone.
b) Press and hold 'Volume down' then power on the phone.
c) Connect USB cable to your computer.
You should see the Moto G bootloader screen with the following options:
  • Normal Powerup 
  • Recovery 
  • Factory 
  • Switch Console
  • Barcodes 
  • BP Tools

2) Open a command prompt / terminal (Start -> cmd.exe in Win7) and right click it, chose "Run as administrator".

On the command prompt nagavite to the folder with the extracted firmware. In my case:

cd C:\Users\suketw\Desktop\falcon_tescogbsl_user_4.3_14.10.0Q3.X-76-LGG-8_56_release-keys-cid7-TescoSL_GB


Now on the command prompt type:

flashall.bat /eu

The program will start flashing your phone, so be patient.

The command prompt should have the following outputs.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
(c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>cd "C:\Users\suketw\Desktop\falc

e-keys-cid7-TescoSL_GB>flashall.bat /eu
Motorola Mobility flashall script version 1.4

 Flashing Options:
 - flash persist:      0
 - flash userdata: 0
 - erase userdata: 1
 - erase cache:    0

 Waiting for fastboot enumeration...

 Fastboot device is ready!!

 Flashing GPT and bootloader images...

 8226 HW detected...

 Flashing motoboot

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe flash motoboot motoboot.img"
 target max-sparse-size: 256MB
 sending 'motoboot' (1940 KB)...
 OKAY [  0.106s]
 writing 'motoboot'...
 (bootloader) flashing tz ...
 (bootloader) flashing rpm ...
 (bootloader) flashing sdi ...
 (bootloader) flashing aboot ...
 (bootloader) flashing sbl1 ...
 OKAY [  1.531s]
 finished. total time: 1.638s

 Flashing modem SW...

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe flash modem NON-HLOS.bin"
 target max-sparse-size: 256MB
 sending 'modem' (47996 KB)...
 OKAY [  1.714s]
 writing 'modem'...
 OKAY [  1.291s]
 finished. total time: 3.006s

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe flash fsg fsg.mbn"
 target max-sparse-size: 256MB
 sending 'fsg' (102 KB)...
 OKAY [  0.082s]
 writing 'fsg'...
 OKAY [  0.089s]
 finished. total time: 0.171s

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe erase modemst1"
 erasing 'modemst1'...
 OKAY [  0.020s]
 finished. total time: 0.020s

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe erase modemst2"
 erasing 'modemst2'...
 OKAY [  0.052s]
 finished. total time: 0.052s

 Flashing AP Images...

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe flash logo logo.bin"
 target max-sparse-size: 256MB
 sending 'logo' (619 KB)...
 OKAY [  0.105s]
 writing 'logo'...
 OKAY [  0.113s]
 finished. total time: 0.218s

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe flash boot boot.img"
 target max-sparse-size: 256MB
 sending 'boot' (10240 KB)...
 OKAY [  0.402s]
 writing 'boot'...
 OKAY [  0.855s]
 finished. total time: 1.257s

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe flash recovery recovery.img"
 target max-sparse-size: 256MB
 sending 'recovery' (10240 KB)...
 OKAY [  0.434s]
 writing 'recovery'...
 OKAY [  0.849s]
 finished. total time: 1.284s

 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe flash system system.img"
 target max-sparse-size: 256MB
 Sparse-Flash is enabled!
 sending sparse 'system' (252700 KB)...
 OKAY [ 10.603s]
 writing 'system'...
 OKAY [ 11.610s]
 sending sparse 'system' (247709 KB)...
 OKAY [ 10.794s]
 writing 'system'...
 OKAY [  9.575s]
 sending sparse 'system' (110352 KB)...
 OKAY [  4.715s]
 writing 'system'...
 OKAY [ 18.203s]
 finished. total time: 65.499s

 Erasing userdata...
 Executing ".\Windows\fastboot.exe erase userdata"
 erasing 'userdata'...
 OKAY [  3.909s]
 finished. total time: 3.909s

 All images flashed successfully!
 Rebooting device...


finished. total time: 0.004s
Press any key to continue . . .


Once the process has finished, your phone will automatically reboot. Be patient as the phone is booting the first time and may take slightly longer.

Now you have a working phone! Android jellybean 4.4.2! If you would like to stop it here, you can as the phone has been restored to a new stock factory image.

Moving on... rooting the Moto G!

  • Download the zip file above and extract to a directory.
  • Put your device in bootloader mode - Turn off the phone then turn on with the 'volume down' button pressed to enter the bootloader. Connect the phone to your computer.
  • Open a command window as administrator and navigate to the directory where you unzipped the files
  • Run the command 'fastboot-moto-windows flash recovery recovery.testkeys.img'
  • Use the volume keys on your phone as instructed to navigate to and select the 'Recovery' option
  • When recovery loads, select the 'Apply update from SD' option. That's not actually what the option does, Motorola have screwed up the image, that really enables ADB sideloading. 
  • Run the command 'adb-windows sideload'. You'll notice the installation complete on your phone.
  • Select the 'reboot' option on your phone using the power button. You're now rooted! 
Now you should have a working phone with latest stock firmware 4.4.2 and root access!

Root your Moto G - Option 2: Modified Recovery
Moto G - Restore stock firmware

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