Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Microsoft Word 2013: couldn't send email document - MAPI Failure 'Unspecified Error'

If you are trying to send a document as attachment via Microsoft Word, and if you are getting an error that like below picture shown. You are in the right article.

  1. You would have clicked on the "Show Help >>" for more information why doesn't the program doesn't allow the user to send the document as a attachment. 
The solution provided by Microsoft:
This error can occur if you attempt to send a Word document as an e-mail attachment in Word and the MAPI session was closed and Word is no longer able to connect to that MAPI session. It can also occur if there is a problem with the fax configuration.
To correct a MAPI related error: restart the MAPI e-mail program (for example,Outlook) or save and close the document, and then restart Word after restarting your MAPI e-mail application. Word will establish a new MAPI session, allowing the document to be sent.
To correct a problem with the fax configuration, review the configuration settings for your fax software and make the appropriate changes.
Alternative resolution: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/293431

However after all those steps have taken, Microsoft Word still wouldn't operate with Microsoft Outlook.

The solution is the file just could be too big! A picture shown below that the file size, 17 MB.

Yes! Can you remember that the default exchange server only allow 10 MB file size attachment?
 Read below directly quoted from Microsoft website.
If you are using an Exchange Server account, the limit is controlled by your Exchange Server administrator. If your Exchange Server is configured to use the default limit, you receive this error message if the sum total of the attachments is greater than 10 MB (10240 KB). Only your Exchange Server administrator can change this limit.

After reduced down the size of the file i.e. by removing some crazy size pictures that has been scaled down to 30x30 on the document! It was a quiet tricky one, as you wouldn't think those small pictures has been scaled down still taken so much space. In order to reduce the size of those pictures, I have used Snipping Tool built in the Windows operating system, snip out each picture from the document and replaced them with snipped ones.

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