Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Moto G: Problems with *ROOTED* 174.44.9 Firmware to 176.44.1 Update [Part 1]

If you are here reading this article, I guess you are probably having trouble with your Moto G after updated your phone and you must be feeling guilty ;) breaking your own phone hehe. 

The cause of the problem: 
You have a stock image Android 4.4.2 with 174.44.9 Firmware, rooted the phone by using either recovery modification or using superboot and decided to update the phone to a new firmware. You would think the phone will take the new update and also keep the root access! Unfortunately it isn't what you would be expecting.

If you are clever enough and ignored update, as you know the phone does not like the update and will eventually break or cause problems
to the operation to the phone after the update. So you choose to ignore the update... however the update reminder is keep haunting you every an hour and now then, you are probably get annoyed.

This is one of the reason I am writing this, because I am getting sick of the reminder and I have the time to get rid this rooted firmware and put a new ROM or stock image back on.

Actual problems to the device:
You have eventually brave enough to update your phone, the reminder will start off by asking you to download the update and then it will then ask you to install the update. If you have allowed the phone to progress any further from this stage, next time's phone reboot and it will boot in to the stock/customised recovery mode to try install the update, and it fails. The phone reboots again, this time it will boot normally and once you on the lock screen/GUI for 10 seconds the phone go to the loop.

dptran - Had the same problem my solution is during the reboot plug in the usb cable press volum down power to get into the motorola bootloader thingy (unsure what it called)
Then use fastboot on my computer to erase the update since for me the update was in the cache I just use

fastboot erase cache

reboot and it solve the problem
My Solution:

Pretty much the same approach and I have used CWM (ClockWorkMod) / TWRP to erase the cache and reboot.
After you have solved the problems of rebooting loop problem, you can move on to HOW section to get rid the current firmware.

What we need to do is:
Backup all the data stored in the current phone to a computer [I have used Titanium Backup Free version], re-flash/restore your phone, update the phone to the latest firmware, root it and restore the data.

*It is recommended to wipe the phone and start from scratch again, as then you will have a stable firmware to start with.*

1. Use Titanium Backup to backup all your data - For a more detailed tutorial please click visit HowToGeek.

2. Re-flash/restore your phone - A tutorial write up I have done previously and click here to read.

3. Choose your ROM - A) Stick with Motorola Stock Firmware
                                        B) Custom Firmware (Root Access)

Slight Comparison of the two:

A) Motorola stock firmware
  • Everything will work
  • Reliable 
  • If you are planning to root the device, and you will more likely to have the same problem in the future.
  • Motorola junk apps
B) Custom firmware
  • Root access
  • Increased Performance
  • More features
  • Updates releases frequently
  • Stuffs may not work like (Moto G's flip case - from my personal experience using Cyanogenmod)
  • Lack of support from the communities

To be continue...

Tesco Moto G 8GB
Android 4.4.2
System version 174.44.9.falcon.TescoSL.en.GB


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