Monday, 6 October 2014

Software: Using UltraVNC to Remote Linux

For remote administration on cross platform operating system from Microsoft Windows to Linux orcan be achieved by using VNC (Virtual Network Computing) software connecting both ways.

From my point of view, when using VNC have gave me a much easier life when working on them as it simply allows me to use shared screen and connect to different OS with ease, comparing VNC and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) it offers the flexibility. It is a backup remote desktop software of  of Microsoft, when one machine having trouble with RDP.

On this article, I will be showing you how to connect Windows to Linux machine and Android device. Let's get the Windows machine prepared for the lab.


a. Download and Install UltraVNC - (It is for everyone to use and this is includes commercial usage, so you do not have to worry about licensing and legal issues)

b. On the installation wizard, please make sure that you are selected only the "VNC Viewer", unless you want to allow people to remote your computer :)

c. Finish the installation wizard.


Windows to Linux

Step 1

a. Configure Linux Desktop sharing settings.

b. Find out what is the IP address for the Linux machine.

c. Go back to your Windows machine and launch UltraVNC, then type the IP address of the Linux machine and click Connect.

d. The Linux machine will be prompted a message box for "Allow" or "Disallow". Click on "Allow" and you will be connected to the Linux machine.

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