Thursday, 12 February 2015

How do you upload/transfer files to Windows Azure Cloud virtual machine?

In local server using hyper-v or VMware workstation, you can just drag and drop or copy and paste from guest machine to the virtual machine. However you are probably struggling to find a way to upload files to your Windows Azure's virtual machine that is in the Cloud.

Here's how:

1). Login to Windows Azure portal.

2) Connect to your virtual machine, the portal send you the .rdp file to connect to the server so instead of open it as you would normally do and now save the file.

3) Go to the download folder or where the file you have saved to, right click and "Edit" the .rdp file.

4) On Remote Desktop Connection windows click "Local Resources", under "Local devices and resources" tab click on "More", expand "Drives" list and tick the drive you wanted to map.

5) Click OK and connect! Now see what you have on "My computer"!

6) Drag any files to the local drive on your PC and those files will appear on the Cloud VM server mapped drive.

Have fun!

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