Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to setup enable VPN pass-through on Virgin Super Hub (Router/Modem)

In this tutorial, we are going to setup VPN pass-through on your Virgin Super Hub! Alternatively, I have alose wrote an detailed article of "How to setup VPN connection on Cisco router".

Let's do the easiest part first, by configuring Virgin Super Hub setting!

1. Open Internet Explorer and Type on the URL/address bar then hit ENTER.

2. Enter Username/Password (Phone Virgin Media if you don't know).

3. Go to Advanced Settings (at the right hand side bottom of the page).

4. Go to Security tab and click on "Port Forwarding".

5. Select "PPTP(TCP:1723)" in Service and Click "Add Rule" followed by Apply.

Now you have allowed PPTP port traffic to go through and those traffic is directed to your VPN server for authentication.

6. Go back to advanced settings page and navigate to Security tab and click on "Firewall".

7. Uncheck all boxes except "PPTP Pass-Through".

8. Click Apply.

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