Friday, 17 June 2016

Windows10 Font Sizing issues - Windows GPO Work Around!

Problem in this scenario: Windows 10 domain user whose have limited permissions in changing the font size of the operating system.

Now normally if you just have a standard computer and everything works perfectly fine as you can customise however the operating system look, i.e. make every words on the screen look bigger so you can read better without making the screen blurry (if you use the zoom option).

We would then need to change the "Advanced sizing of text and other items" in Advanced Display Settings window.

Above method mostly solve the issue with a standard computer setup, however now with a computer that is part of a domain as group policy may have locked down the option the user to change it or another issue that is known as Windows 10 Bug for domain user/computer, even if you have selected a higher text size and hit apply to save the changes. The computer does not visually does not change anything.

Now a work around I have found is:

  1. Log in as local/domain admin.
  2. Go to "Advanced sizing of text and other items" and change the size
  3. Hit apply and you should see the changes
  4. Open "regedit"
  5. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics and export the key folder
  6. Copy the exported registry file to local C:\ drive
  7. Log out and log in as the domain user
  8. Go to local C:\ drive
  9. Run the reg file with administrator level 
  10. Restart the PC
  11. Result!

Instead of playing with HEX code and changing the values manually, what we did was logged in as administrator, make the changes, copy the values, and run it on the domain user. Easy :)

Useful information I have found from this site to locate the "Advanced sizing of text and other items" registry key directory.

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